BioCap's mission includes inventing and developing natural products and new technologies in the area of biomedical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and agriculture and food, using new scientific and biotechnology approaches, supported by bioengineering and computational technologies.  We are promoting and developing new inventions through synthetic biology that will have a positive global impact.  BioCapital is constantly researching and developing new methods of producing important, but highly expensive compounds, more cost efficiently and with a higher purity than what the market currently offers.


As part of this mission, we aim to:

  • Commercialize production of powerful antioxidants such as lycopene and flavonoids
  • Promote awareness of skin cancer and to provide a healthier form of prevention through the development of a new organic anti-UV sunscreen
  • Produce hypoallergenic bio-foam using low-cost non-hydrocarbon based foam
  • Develop compounds that reduce petroleum oil viscosity for purposes of oil recovery
  • Explore technologies and diagnostic tools highly effective in the early detection for such diseases as Alzheimer's and diabetes

The products and applications discussed above are not theoretical. All have US patents issued or applied, and we are pursuing other patents / sublicensing agreements in a variety of other fields and applications. BioCapital Holdings is engaging independent testing laboratories in Austin, Israel, the UK and Germany to better qualify and quantify the performance and purity of many of these compounds.  We have a number of prototypes already in use for the applications briefly discussed in Products.

The Trump administration's ultimate position on import / export laws and tariffs may impact our ultimate growth strategy, including in terms of the location of production facilities, the ability to import raw materials and the utilization of IPOC in service agreements.

BioCapital is focused on initially raising $5,000,000+- for continued research and development efforts and the U.S. based construction of manufacturing facilities for the production of goods covered under our patents and royalty agreements.  It is hoped that revenues would be augmented, with virtually no costs, through further sublicensing of patent and / or product rights by industry, region or on a specific application basis.


Next Steps

Recently, BioCapital was accepted as one of the 140 nationwide startup companies in the Johnson & Johnson Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center (JLABS).  BioCapital also submitted its patented glucose detection technology as part of the "QuickFire Challenge".  The Challenges goals include entries designed to prevent obesity.  BioCapital highlighted our patented technology that measures the insulin and glucose levels of a patient's blood for the early detection of Type 2 Diabetes.  Selection for admission to JLABs-TMC provides BioCapital with lab space and access to their extensive research laboratory including access to the device prototyping lab, and mentorship and coaching from Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices experts including the world renowned Billy Cohn.  Additionally, Johnson & Johnson Innovation has partnered with angelMD, an investment platform and marketplace connecting innovative medical startups, physicians, investors, and industry partners to provide the winning solution an additional $100,000 investment from its catalyst fund, plus angelMD will feature the top finalists on its web platform for syndicate partners to invest up to an additional $250,000.

BioCapital has also met with NASA, licensor of one of the anti-UV patents, and initiated steps to stimulate broaden joint efforts to commercialize that intellectual property.  Plans are to have BioCapital publish an article in NASA's Tech Briefs,