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Yield a low-cost, high-purity lycopene, an antioxidant commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Described herein are devices and methods for enhancing the physiological properties of plants. For example, the devices and methods described herein increase the production of lycopene, which has industrial and economic value. The lycopene produced by the devices and methods does not require the ultra purification that is common in conventional or commercial methods. The devices and methods described herein also enhance the growth rate of plants.  Commercialization includes cosmetic and potentially medicinal applications.


Yield an anti-UV compound. Sunscreens come in two forms: mineral and chemical filters. Most sunscreens are chemical based, with the only 2 organic options currently available using the minerals titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as the active ingredient.  Our goal is make an FDA approved sunscreen that is metal and hydrocarbon free.  A natural protein will be the active ingredient.

Although the FDA has been resistant to approving any US based new sunscreen ingredients, we believe that our new anti-UV compound has a strong possibility of approval because of its organic nature and results from previous tests performed by respected independent labs ( Despite this, the Sunscreen Innovation Act was passed on 11/26/2014 (

BioCapital is working on government grants and hopefully, ultimate FDA sunscreen approval of our anti-UV additive. The fastest commercially viable application of our anti-UV compound may be as an additive to extend the life and appearance of paint. This compound can also be applied to agricultural products such as the exterior of tomatoes and watermelons to prevent sun blistering. This reduces insect infestation, increasing crop yields and enhances crop esthetics, increasing crop values. There are also numerous other applications currently being researched.

Hypoallergenic Bio-Foam

Produce hypoallergenic bio-foam. Described herein are polyurethane compositions based on natural materials, as well as methods for making and using the compositions. Also described herein are biofoams made from the polyurethane compositions. The biofoams described herein are resistant to degradation by acid and heat and are able to recover their original shapes after the application of pressure.

A nonhydrocarbon based foam that could be generated as:

  • Fireproof, termite-proof, spray-on housing insulation
  • A memory foam for bedding and cushions, particularly in medically sensitive and senior housing situations
  • A light weight, waterproof, fireproof, termite-proof gypsum board substitute
  • A floatation material, boats, life vests
  • A forest saving lumber 2 x 4 substitute

Diabetes / Alzheimer's

Permit the early detection of / susceptibility to Alzheimer's and Type 2 Diabetes.  The sensors are composed of host cells with DNA specifically designed to produce fluorescence when the cells come into contact with glucose and/or insulin in the sample. Once the fluorescence has been quantified, it can be correlated with the amount of glucose and/or insulin present in the sample.

Petroleum Oil Viscosity

Reduce petroleum oil viscosity for purposes oil recovery.  Described herein are compositions and methods for effectively removing oil from soil samples. By isolating the oil from the soil sample, it is possible to accurately evaluate the different properties of the oil in the sample.