BioCapital Holdings, LLC is in various phases of research & development as to all of compounds that can be produced from its portfolio of intellectual property.   Many compounds are enhanced though ongoing research and development.  All of our compounds, regardless of stage, are available for sale or investment opportunities.

Our compounds can be acquired in a variety of options including:

  • Outright sale of finished compounds to third party users on a:
    • Bulk sale basis
    • Percentage royalty basis
  • Co-branding with third party users for use in their downstream products on a royalty basis.
  • Co-investment in a special purpose entity for the production and resale of finished compounds or service applications.
  • Co-investment in a special purpose entity for the relicensing of the rights to produce compounds or service applications for specific industries, target markets and / or geographic territories.

If you have interest in a specific compound already available in our portfolio or as to whether a compound can be produced through synthetic biology, please contact us at 281-974-1005.