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Innovations in synthetic biology

Positive global impact through promoting and developing new biotechnology





 I had to survive diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, measles, cholera as well as discrimination. That is a triumph for some, survival for others. But it is creativity that allows the true balance of these two concepts. One has no obstacles. What you have are challenges that give you opportunities to be creative and succeed. 

Dr. Raúl Cuero

Investors & Affiliates

BioCapital Holdings, LLC is actively pursuing commercial applications for its intellectual property and patented products, through affiliations and or contracts with NASA, IPOC, Clone Tex. Inc. and Johnson & Johnson, and other accredited investors / venture capital firms.  For more information, see the information in Mission and History, or use the Contact page to start a discussion.


As part of the commercialization of BioCapital's technology and patented applications, we are currently engaged in clinical trials for Diabetes and Alzheimer's detection.  For more information about joining the research, use the Contact page to request a follow-up discussion or click here to Submit Patient Questionnaire.